EQUIPPED - EXODUS 25:1-9; 31: 1-6

Describe a time you started a repair or a recipe and then realized you didn’t have the supplies to complete the task.  If you didn’t have the proper resources or you were not equipped the chances are the project didn’t turn out the way you had planned. This week we will see how God equipped and provided the resources for the Israelites and is still doing the same for His people today.

THE OFFERING     Read Exodus 25: 1-7

1.       Where did the items God asked the people to give for the building of the tabernacle come from?

2.       Why is it important that the people were not forced to give toward the tabernacle?

3.       What sacrifices are we called to make when giving to God?

4.       Why do we view possessions as our own?

THE PURPOSE      Read Exodus 25: 8-9

1.       How would you explain the idea of God dwelling with people?

2.       How is this different from the way people usually view God?

3.       What is the significance of following the exact pattern God laid out for the tabernacle?

4.       How does considering the tabernacle and all its aspects inform your understanding of believers as dwelling places for the Holy Spirit?

THE LEADERS      Read Exodus 31: 1-6

1.        In what specific ways did God gift Bezalel and Oholiab for the special tasks He instructed them to do?

2.       Why do you think wisdom was paired with the ability in God’s giving?

3.       How have you seen people respond to God in using God- given talents, abilities, and developed skills for kingdom work?


How would you describe the relationship between God’s provision in our lives and His request of us to give?


Evaluate your willingness to give God as He directs you.

Determine to look for and respond to the opportunities God gives you this week.