Thankful - 2 Samuel 22:1-51

Write the word “THANKFUL” vertically down the left side of your board or a large sheet of paper. Ask the class the following:

1.      What words can you think of, starting with each letter here, that shows how thankfulness can change a life? (Tactful, Helpful, Agreeable, Nicer, Kneel in prayer, Forgiving, Understanding, Loving.)

2.      How will being thankful to God affect our relationship with Him?

3.      How would you describe a person without an attitude of thankfulness toward God? (Prideful, haughty, self-centered.)

God is worthy of our praise and thanksgiving for how He blesses us. In today’s study, we will see how David expressed his thankfulness to God.


Today’s text seems to have come from David early in his kingship. God had provided for him and protected him from a wide variety of dangers that could have easily taken David’s life. Especially early in David’s reign he seemed more in tune with God and continually gave God the praise for all of his successes. 2 Samuel 22 and Psalm 18 are very similar. We will look at just a few verses in our focal study today.


Holy! Read 2 Samuel 22:26-29


1.      What three virtues are mentioned here? (Faithfulness. Blameless. Pure.)

2.      How does God respond to human virtues? (Aren’t we drawing on God for strength to live with these virtues? Didn’t God demonstrate them to us before we lived them out in our lives?)

3.      What vices are listed here? (Crooked. Proud.)

4.      How does God respond to each of these vices here?

Much of God’s matching is due to our openness to Him. God does not force His goodness on us. He waits for us to welcome it!

5.      How does the way we live impact how God responds to us?

6.      What does God’s response reveal about God’s desire for His people?

7.      Look at verse 28. When have you seen this truth lived out today?

8.      Read verse 29. How can life be like finding yourself in a room with no light whatsoever?

9.      Is God more like a small flashlight or a large flood light?

10.  How is God like this big flood light in our lives?

11.  What darkness do you think David needed illumined?

12.  How did David use his “lamp”? (To show him where and how to get to where God wanted him to go.)

We are surrounded by darkness today, it is everywhere we look; drug abuse, sexual immorality, lack of civility, violence, terrorism, etc.)

13.  What is the “lamp” we should use to illumine the path for us? (Psalm 119:105. “Thy Word …”)

Notice that God doesn’t promise we will never have difficulties but that He will be with us through it all.


Shield! Read 2 Samuel 22:30-36


1.      What does David say he can do when God is with him? (Attack a barrier, leap over a wall, feet like the deer, secure on the heights.)

2.      What images of strength and protection can you find in these verses? (Shield, rock, refuge.)

3.      What does God do for David? (Makes way perfect, trains for war, bend bronze bow, give him salvation, exalts him.)

4.      Does this mean that David had some kind of superhuman powers? (Certainly not. He did, however, have whatever ability he needed to accomplish the task that was before him.)

5.      Why did God do all of these things for David? (David’s desire was to follow the will of God for his life. Although at times it was difficult God was with him and sustained him, even in battle.)

6.      To whom did David give credit for his successes?

7.      David described his salvation in terms of a shield. What other metaphors might be used to describe God’s salvation? (God is my firewall; God is my GPS.)

David expressed his reliance upon God, knowing that all David had accomplished was a result of God working through him. Salvation comes from God and God alone!


Eternal! Read 2 Samuel 22:50-51


1.      What does it mean to live a life that praises God? (Praising God is more than words and songs. It is a life lived in willing obedience to Him!)

2.      How does knowing the lengths God would go to for you affect your motivation and ability to praise Him?

We honor God when we love others and express our thankfulness to Him for all He has given us. If our attitude is one of humble thankfulness others will see it as we live out our lives!

3.      In what sense are we descendants of David? (We have placed our faith and trust in God also.)

Praise God, He shows His loyalty to us forever!


Summarize and Challenge!


·         We can trust God to be true to His holy character!

In what ways has God been faithful to you and how can you communicate God’s faithfulness to those around you?

·         Salvation comes from God and God alone!

How challenging is it in our world today to communicate the truth that salvation comes from God and Him alone?

·         Believers should offer praise to God for His salvation provided through His Son, Jesus!

Are we living our life so as to be an example to those around us of God’s saving grace?


Close with prayer, thanking God for His love and provision.