Tell about a time you got a message to someone when you couldn’t personally deliver it.

Why did that message matter to you and to the one who would receive it?


Mark 6:7

Jesus sent His Apostles out in pairs to minister in His name to the surrounding communities.

Why did He send them in pairs?

Jesus gave them the authority over unclean spirits.

What were the dangers if they went in their own authority?

What was the significance of Jesus giving them his authority?

Why would Jesus instructions in verse 7 increase reliability of the message delivery?


Mark 6:8-11

Jesus instructed the twelve to take minimal provisions as they went out in his name, trusting that God would provide through the means of a host in the towns they were sent.

What instructions did Jesus give, and what were possible reasons for each directive?

What needs were met by the host homes where the disciples stayed?


Mark 6:12-13

The twelve preached and ministered in Jesus’ name extending His ministry. They freed people from demons and healed others from illness.

How can we communicate the need for repentance to someone we know well?

How about to someone we don’t know well or; at all?


Mark 6:30-32

The twelve reported to Jesus all that had happened as they went out, celebrating what had happened. Then Jesus led them to a place where they could rest and reflect on their experiences.

Why is taking time for rest important?

How does it help to share both victories and frustrations as you minister in Jesus’ name?


Summarize and Challenge

Jesus expects His followers to be a part of His ministry.

Jesus empowers His followers to preach and act in His name.

Jesus has a message for all believers to deliver.


Personal Challenge: Think of messages you deliver to those around you. Use Jesus’ instructions to deliver those messages and other messages Jesus gives you.